Friday, March 28, 2008

As time goes by

I love time. I love music. I love to be with you. In you. I don't think time is my enemy. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here. I love laght, talk, kiss, touch, feel, breathe, touch again, hanging, pushing, dreaming, imagining, having...and other things concernet to you. And as time goes by, things gets clear, and you...hã! No words in English language. No words at all to tell. Just feeling.


Cora said...

eu já me senti assim
to treinando não sentir mais nada

Leandro Bacellar said...

rs. aqui. aqui estou. aqui estou escrevendo pra vc ir lá tbn, ao meu endereço. rsrsrs.. Ah, e tem um post recente que vc vai gostar.



Leandro Bacellar said...

Just feeling.... hehehe

I like that.


/1279049es said...

...on my skin.

Anonymous said...

i luv time too! alias, ele vem me favorecendo em todos os aspectos ^^