Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Underneath me

Don’t U came to whisper in my ears that I CAN NOT. I’ve been there already; on the house of doubts; and as I get in, I get off…alone. I’ve learned how to accept the light (Now I try to live by the light). I’ve learned how to don’t let U bring me down. I’ve learned who I am. I know how I am; and I accept that too. I love myself. I trust in God. I believe in me.


Cora said...

nd there's no way to get better...
in a lovelly dry way
it's all yours
nd i LIKE IT

Anonymous said...

learning to be ourselves is a really tough task regarding all things that may neglect our perspectives, but time is the greatest couselour, i believe. and when we learn that thing we just find freedom and how pleasant is living thus.